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Election Day continues in Illinois despite concern of COVID-19


TAZEWELL COUNTY, Ill. (HOI) -- Election officials in Tazewell County have taken extra precaution when it comes to cleaning their polling places as the primary election continues in Illinois despite the growing concern of COVID-19.

"We've got hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes that we've delivered at every location and our judges know to clean the surfaces regularly and try to keep them as clean as possible," Tazwell County Clerk John Ackerman said.

One of the issues the pandemic has caused is a reduced number of election judges as many people have decided not to participate for their own safety or for that of others.

For Linda Courtney, an election judge who described herself as having a compromised immune system, coming out on Election Day was very important.

"I don't think we need to panic. I think we need to be safe but I don't think we need to panic. It's also my civic duty to be here and to vote," she said.

Other states, like Ohio, did postpone their primary but Governor J.B. Pritzker assured Illinois voters they would be able to cast their ballots on Tuesday.

If it were to have been pushed back, election officials said they are not sure how that would have worked.

"If this was starting to happen a month before the election at that point you could deal with things a lot differently but the day before or three or four days before the election [makes it hard]," Peoria County Election Commission Executive Director Thomas Bride said.

"There is nothing in [Illinois] statute that deals with this at all. It literally just says [when the election is] and that's all it says."

Stephanie Rodriguez

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