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Truckers to Central Illinois: Supply chain is stable

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Despite national, state, and local leaders telling people not to hoard, finding things like toilet paper or hand sanitizer has become suddenly more challenging in recent weeks.

But one trucker from Central Illinois says the supply chain is doing fine, people just need to stop overbuying.

"As far as warehouses and all that, they're completely stocked up it's just a matter of getting it from the warehouse to the stores, and panic buying what's causing the empty shelves," said Micah Himegarner with Himegarner Hauling.

Over the years, events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina left a lasting impact on him. But he's never seen anything like COVID-19. His company has 14 trucks, and they're all running their normal routes -- delivering all across the country. But there have been some adjustments.

"When we're going to warehouses or going to facilities to load, limited contact with the shipping people, most of it's call in now by phone instead of checking in, in person," added Himegarner.

And drivers are seeing some new obstacles on the road. Himegarner says some states have totally closed down rest areas, which truck drivers heavily rely on.

"You get 200 trucks fighting for 20 parking spots and where do you'll ask law officials...and they just tell you need to plan ahead better or find somewhere else to park," he said.

But it is not all bad, Himegarner says many truckers are seeing better driving conditions.

"Lot less traffic our of course with the closure in Illinois and throughout the other states, traffic has been a lot less, it's actually been kind of enjoyable," he noted.

Andy Weber

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