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ISU student starts petition to have ‘pass-fail’ option for classes

NORMAL, Ill. (HOI) -- Eighteen thousand people have signed a petition asking Illinois State University to give students the option to choose "pass-fail" for their online classes.

Choosing this option for a class means the grade outcome a student earns won't go toward their GPA.

The petition was started by ISU junior Dylan Hummel who said the option would be on a per-class basis. This means students would not have to choose this option if they want the class grade to impact their grade point average.

"Just given the circumstances sand uncertainly around the coronavirus situation and to kind of lessen the stress on students and lessen the academic and financial burden that they would have," Hummel said.

The university's student senate along with some administrators have discussed the possibility of allowing this but no decisions have been made yet.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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