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Local mom-to-be is taking extra steps during COVID-19 pandemic

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PEORIA (HOI) - As COVID-19 continues to spread, some parents-to-be are concerned about how it could impact their pregnancy, as well as their newborn.

According to the CDC, these is currently no information that proves pregnant women are more susceptible to contracting the novel coronavirus. However, mother-to-be, Jessie McMeen, is taking steps to keep her and her baby safe. McMeen says she is spending a majority of her time at home and avoiding social contact.

McMeen says there are times where she does have to run to the grocery store, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, she tries to shop during special hours or does grocery pick up. She added she always carries hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

A spokesperson from OSF Healthcare, where McMeen will be delivering her baby, said they do not know a lot about effects COVID-19 can have on pregnant women or their babies. For now, they are just following CDC guidelines and doing what they can to keep everyone healthy. McMeen said her doctor has given her minimal information regarding coronavirus.

"My doctor hasn't really said anything. She did mention some studies that said mothers who were effected by coronavirus, it didn't effect the baby or transfer to the baby, from studies she has seen. She did tell me that she will try to get me in and out of the hospital as quick as possible," said McMeen.

In addition, McMeen's husband has not been able to attend their doctor appointments.

"That's one of our biggest fears right now is him not being able to be with me. He's been really supportive and involved in the whole pregnancy, so it's been a real bummer not being able to have him there," McMeen added.

As of now, the hospital is only allowing one visitor when the delivery day comes. McMeen says she hopes nothing will change by then and that her husband will be by her side in the delivery room.

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