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State Police continue investigating 2003 murder of 7-year-old Streator boy

March 26th, 2020 marks 17 years since the kidnap and murder of 7-year-old Dalton Mesarchik.

The young boy was waiting for a church van to take him to a bible study.

A van never showed up and his mother said she called the church only to be told the van wasn't running that night.

She said she was never notified and Dalton was no where to be found.

Several law enforcement agencies started looking for him.

His body was found in the Vermillion River the next day.

Heart of Illinois spoke to his mom Michelle earlier this year, who said she lives for the day her sons killer is ready to talk.

"I don't believe there are any perfect crimes and I believe some day, I didn't believe it would be this many days, but I believe some day we're going to know," said Michelle Mesarchik, Dalton's mother.

Early in the investigation State Police released that the murder weapon was a hammer.

2,000 leads have been investigated and some led to follow-ups outside the state.

500 pieces of evidence have been collected.

There is still a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for Dalton's murder.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact their local police department

-Call ISP at (815) 444-1500 or (217) 278-5004


-Search Illinois State Police on Facebook or Twitter

Standard mail can be sent to the address below:

Illinois State Police

Division of Criminal Investigation

ATTN: Mesarchik Case Agent

800 South Old Airport Road

Pontiac, IL


Jessica Cook

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