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Doctor to those with pre-existing conditions: “Isolate yourself.”

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We know that COVID-19 can affect the health of anyone but what about people with underlying health conditions like COPD or asthma? 

"The worse outcome and the higher mortality, it comes from Hypoxia, which is advanced lung damage," said Dr. Aline Azar with Unity Point Health. 

Dr. Azar says since those with respiratory conditions like COPD or severe asthma already have compromised lungs, COVID-19 poses a significant threat to their health. But they are not the only ones at a greater risk.

"I want to include elderly above 65, or younger with underlying pre-existing conditions including advance heart failure, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, renal failure, liver failure," added Azar. 

These patients struggle to battle the infection caused by the disease because their organs are not functioning at full capacity. Azar says it is crucial these at-risk groups do everything they can to stay safe. 

"The patients with pre-existing conditions, if they can stay home, and yes isolate yourself totally for the next two or three weeks, please do so, avoid any contact with other people, mainly sick people," said Azar. 

She says people with these health conditions should have enough food on hand to last for at least two or three weeks. Azar says if you get sick, call your doctor immediately. 

Andy Weber

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