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Roller coaster ride for market investors during Coronavirus Pandemic

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Unsettled is one word to describe the action on wall street during the corona virus pandemic.

Investors witnessed stock prices tumble during one of its worst stretches in history.

Only to see the market bounce back with one its best weeks on record.

Financial experts are calling this price dislocation, meaning during stressful times like these, it makes it hard to properly price assets.

Financial Consultant Nick Royer says he's curious on what the effects will be down the road.

"The good news about an typical event driven crash, is they're typically the shortest in length, the rebound the quickest, and they don't go down as much as structural crash goes down. My concern is the long term affects of shutting the country down, shutting the world down, what's the long term effect of those on the companies and the individuals. That's something we won't see for a couple of months."

His advice for investors, let everything calm down and then make a decision from there.

Donnie Tillman

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