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Two EF-1 Tornadoes Confirmed in Peoria and Ipava

Update: The National Weather Service announced early Tuesday morning that they have extended the track of the Peoria Tornado from 1.4 miles to 3.3 miles. They confirmed that the tornado touched down 0.25 miles east of the airport and caused roof and tree damage, as well as damaged several wood fences, in a neighborhood just northeast of the airport. The tornado touched down at 8:58 PM, which is 2 minutes earlier than previously reported.

Peoria, Ill. (HOI ABC) - The National Weather Service in Lincoln has completed their storm survey and determined that an EF-1 tornado briefly touched down in Peoria Saturday evening.

This tornado had peak winds of 95-100 mph.

It was on the ground from 9:00-9:03 PM for 1.4 miles with a maximum width of 50 yards.

The tornado developed about 1 mile east-northeast of the Peoria International Airport near Lutheran Cemetery where tree damage was reported. It then crossed Harmon Highway and caused roof damage to buildings in the Madison Park Shopping Center.

The tornado reached its strongest intensity on the western side of the Madison Park Golf Course where additional tree damage was reported. It then moved into a subdivision between West Moss Avenue and North Kickapoo Terrace causing roof damage to houses and uprooting more trees.

The tornado then dissipated before reaching the eastern part of Saint Mary's Cemetery.

(Photo of a fallen tree from Michelle Downard-Archibald.)

The National Weather Service also confirmed an EF-1 tornado in Ipava Saturday evening.

It was on the ground for 3 minutes from 8:01-8:04 PM with peak winds of 95-100 mph.

The tornado's track was 2.1 miles long with a peak width of 100 yards.

This tornado damaged a barn, as well as caused roof damage to two houses. A front porch, gazebo, and outbuildings were also damaged in addition to uprooted trees.

Brian Walder

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