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Local hospital launches Telehealth amid COVID-19 pandemic

(HOI) -- A local hospital President said people in our area and around the world may be grieving due to the loss of a normal routine during this pandemic.

President of UnityPoint Health UnityPlace Ted Bender said COVID-19 shelter in place may have some people emotionally fatigued.

To help combat that the hospital fast forwarded Telehealth.

It's individual therapy through video, meaning you can still talk to a provider face-to-face.

He said many patients have taken advantage of this service and a more advanced one will be rolled out very soon.

"During the H1N1 epidemic there was a lot of evidence to suggest that even getting through that period there was a lasting effect for significant mental health. Three to four years afterwards, so it's absolutely critical to continue your therapy," said Doctor Ted Bender.

For more information head to:

We asked Doctor Bender once the virus subsides, should you go back to your normal life right away?

He said that will be on the virus' timetable and we should expect life to change like how airport procedures shifted after September 11th.

A reminder during this unprecedented time, it's ok to feel anxious and depressed.

If you do, make sure to seek help.

Jessica Cook

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