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Walmart to start taking employees temperatures, make masks and gloves available for workers


CHICAGO (WREX) — Walmart is taking additional measures for the health and safety of its associates.

The store announced on Tuesday it will begin sending infrared thermometers to all stores, clubs and distribution centers. It will take up to three weeks for thermometers to arrive. 

Once thermometers are there, Walmart will begin taking the temperature of its associates as they report to work.

Walmart also announced it is sending masks and gloves to all of its stores, clubs and distribution centers. The masks will arrive in one to two weeks.

Once there, any associate that wishes to use them can do so.

The third measure is the "6-20-100 guidance" which is as follows:

  • 6 feet – amount of space between people to maintain social distancing
  • 20 seconds – length of time required to wash hands with soap and water
  • 100 degrees – if temperature is 100 degrees or higher, that person should stay home


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