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WATCH: Peoria health department administrator talks Covid-19 misconceptions, answers viewer questions

Peoria City/County Health Department Administrator Monica Hendrickson knows it's hard right now, but she's asking the tri-county region to hang on as Covid-19 mitigation continues.

In an extended interview Friday night, Hendrickson, an epidemiologist who says she's beginning to appreciate athletes who deal with armchair quarterbacking, said this pandemic is more complicated than case numbers.

Friday's case update pushed the collective Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford County number to 101.

"A lot of people see that number and say, 'it's not that bad' or we've only had six deaths in our community, it's not that bad," Hendrickson said. "I think what people fail to recognize is our confirmed cases can only happen if people get tested. But if you look at the number and think that looks low, it's low because we were only prioritizing testing for high risk individuals [until this week]."

She says the next step will be contact tracing, where health department officials will work with people that test positive to find people they may have infected. According to Hendrickson, quick interactions like picking up orders are not a concern.

The full interview, where she also addresses the stay-at-home order and herd immunity, is below.

Monica Hendrickson Local Social Live Chat

Bobby Oler and Peoria Health Dept Administrator Monica Hendrickson talk about Covid019 and take your questions

Posted by Heart of Illinois ABC on Friday, April 24, 2020

Bobby Oler @bobbyoler

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