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Chiefs say playing games without fans won’t work for them; no timetable for season

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Peoria Chiefs
Chiefs GM Jason Mott

PEORIA (HOI) -- The Peoria Chiefs find themselves at a standstill until Major League Baseball makes a decision on a 2020 season. While the clock is ticking on America's favorite pastime in 2020, Minor League Baseball is stuck waiting in the dark.

"We're in limbo until they decide on what they're doing and there's so many unknowns, it's almost kind of like I'm sitting back waiting like a movie to see what happens," said Chiefs General Manager Jason Mott.

But resuming the season is only half the hurdle, having fans at those games is the other half.

"Without fans, probably for us, for Minor League Baseball, it doesn't make a lot of sense," explained Mott.

Mott says MLB teams have the luxury of TV contracts, where as teams in the minor leagues rely on the in person experience to generate revenue.

"There'd have to be a way, a mechanism to be reimbursed for expenses at that point if there's no fans, because really at the end of the day you're just incurring cost after cost, there's no way to offset it," continued Mott.

The timing isn't working on their side either.

"They've gotta give us direction soon. I think playing in the fall here just doesn't make sense," said Mott.

If the clock strikes midnight on baseball in Peoria this season, Mott is looking to the bullpen for relief options.

"Technically we're a restaurant when you think about it, with outdoor seating. So you know is there some ways that we can do some fun things at the ball park that still allow people to come? We're also a business and gotta make sure you operate it correctly and incurring costs with no revenue is a good way to fail quickly," said Mott.

The Chiefs are currently doing a variety of things to keep fans engaged and keep their business afloat. They offer curbside pickup for fans craving some ballpark food, as well as sending mystery boxes to fans who order one.

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