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City of Peoria looking to settle Kayla Fannon lawsuit for $1.5 million

PEORIA (HOI) -- The city of Peoria is considering reaching a settlement of $1.5 million with the estate of Kayla Fannon.

The lawsuit stems from the February 2019 murder-suicide resulting in Kayla Fannon's death.

Filed by Fannon's aunt in March 2019, the lawsuit lists the city of Peoria and Peoria Police officer Joseph Harris as the plaintiffs.

The suit claims officer Harris had “probably cause for the arrest of David Jenkins,” the night before Fannon’s killing. It also accuses Harris of failing to provide Fannon transportation to a safe place and accuses him of not using all “reasonable means to prevent further abuse,” among numerous other accusations.

Police said Fannon was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend David Jenkins before taking his own life on February 14, 2019.

The night before, Fannon had called police about threatening text messages from Jenkins, including one photo where he appeared to be holding a handgun. Police said his full face wasn’t visible in the photo. Fannon and Jenkins had once been in a relationship. Fannon took out an order of protection against Jenkins, but it expired in 2017. Police said an officer could not find the order prohibiting contact in a database that night.

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