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One Class at a Time: Marilyn Woods

As we've been dealing with coronavirus for several months now, a few trades seem more important than ever.
Well one local teacher is teaching her students to love sewing. Meet Marilyn Woods. She's a third grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School in Peoria, She's also the founder of their sewing club. Their mission goes beyond just learning how to sew. The students are learning several important life lessons.

"It teaches them patience, discipline. It builds their confidence, how they work with others. And especially with third and fourth grade and plus we have boys and girls and i even had a kindergartner start with me and she's in first grade now. But she wants to be a fashion designer. So it gets these students thinking about career options at this age." Woods said.

In addition, the student also go and donate their creations to the patients at Illinois Cancer Care. Its something she says is important for the kids to give back to the community. She plans to use the one thousand dollar grant to purchase new sewing machines and kits.

Joe Puma

Good Morning Illinois Meteorologist

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