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Senate Republicans want General Assembly to discuss plan to reopen economy


Springfield, IL - Illinois Senate Republicans don't want to leave Springfield until lawmakers come up with a bipartisan plan to restart the state's economy. They are calling their colleagues and Gov. JB Pritzker to fulfill their elected responsibility for the people they represent.

Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady says lawmakers need to have a discussion about how to move the state and life for Illinoisans forward. He stresses these discussions have to go beyond Pritzker's daily press briefings, as the General Assembly has a voice too.

"We need to check the governor's authority. That's what we're elected to do," Brady said. "He needs to lead from his podium. We need to need from ours, but we need the opportunity to have that discussion."

Calling for dialogue and debate

Brady hopes lawmakers will be able to hold a public hearing on Pritzker's 'Restore Illinois' plan. However, session could end Friday night. He says the public expects the General Assembly to fight for them "and they deserve it." He adds there is still time left to meet in a bipartisan manner.

"We want to have a dialogue and a debate about what needs to be done using science, using healthcare, but understanding that we’ve got to reengage this economy as fast as possible.”

The Central Illinois lawmaker says Democrats in both chambers share the same concern. He saw that before the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules meeting Wednesday. Democratic members of the committee convinced Gov. Pritzker to pull his emergency rule that could have charged businesses defying his order with a Class A misdemeanor.

"Even on a simple majority, we've got until the end of the month to do the work we need to do. We've proven we can do it safely. We're here to do it safely, and we want to do it safely," Brady added.

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