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In five days of protests, Peoria Police and Fire logged over 3,000 hours of overtime


PEORIA (HOI) - With the threat of violent protests and even looting following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, police and fire departments across the country increased their presence.

The same is true in Peoria as both the fire and police departments worked overtime hours to stand along peaceful demonstrations, while also responding to looting, violence and acts of arson.

Through a freedom of information act request, Heart of Illinois ABC learned two departments together logged 3,026 hours of overtime from Friday, May 29 through Tuesday, June 2.

This comes at a time that Peoria City Council is discussing layoffs for both departments due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home order.

Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich told Jenise Rebholz through email that since the Governor declared Peoria County part of his disaster declaration, they will be tracking all costs to see if they can get reimbursed through FEMA.

Looting in Peoria

From May 29 through June 2, 2020

Peoria Police - 2,272 OT hours

Patrol hours - 1379.25

Detective Hours - 892.75

Peoria Fire - 754 overtime hours

Friday, May 29 - 192 OT hours

Saturday, May 30 - 96 OT hours

Sunday, May 31 - 48 OT hours

Monday, June 1 - 62 OT hours

Tuesday, June 2 - 179 OT hours

*Management personnel also worked 177 hours of overtime but because they are salaried employees they are not compensated for those hours.

Fire Chief Tony Ardis said in an email to Heart of Illinois ABC: "We did not have extra firefighters on overtime during the weekend you mentioned.  We did have to bring back firefighters on overtime but it was only to cover members on duty injury or off on vacation.  We definitely could have used extra firefighters during those events but we do not have the money in our overtime budget."

Sunday night, May 31st, Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion reported:

•87 rounds of shot spotter alerts

•11 arsons (between 11:10pm-12:28am)

•14 criminal damage to properties

• 27 business burglaries

• Serious crash involving a Peoria Officer and K9. The driver of the other vehicle, 36-year-old Joe "Jason" Henigan was pronounced dead Monday, June 8th.

• 2 people shot (both surviving at this time)

Car crash involving Peoria Police Officer & K9

Jenise Rebholz

Evening Anchor, Heart of Illinois ABC

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