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Lonza plant producing ingredients for COVID-19 disinfectants

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MAPLETON (HOI) - The Lonza plant in Mapleton is mass producing ingredients for COVID-19 killing disinfectants.

"If it's a hard type service, and you're cleaning it, I can pretty much guarantee there is going to be something from here in that bottle," said plant manager Jim Harvey.

Harvey says Lonza saw an initial increase for their disinfectant ingredients in March, with an uptick in April and May, so much so that they are now only producing those ingredients.

"We've gotten to the point now that we really need to focus on the specific orders so we're making sure we're making the product that is being used in the health care industries and food packing industries," said Harvey.

In fact, orders for the ingredients at the Lonza plant have been so high… Harvey says they have remained busy around the clock.

"The biggest demand has been in regards to the epa registered type products that have been certified to kill and prevent the spread of coronavirus," said Harvey.

Harvey says in order to identify EPA registered cleaning supplies look for the information listed below. The ingredients are often found in common household and industrial cleaners.

"We've been able to really increase our through point in these certain areas upwards of about 25% on a weekly basis," said Harvey.

But what does that 25 percent actually mean?

"25% actually equals about 46 million gallons of ready made disinfectant available on a weekly basis. That's available every week to the front line workers the emergency responders as well as the essential businesses that have been open throughout this whole time," said Harvey.

Jim Harvey says they envision the demand continuing throughout the rest of the year. He also predicts the pandemic will have a long-term impact on how people view and use disinfectants.

Gabi Guerrero

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