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TONIGHT AT 10: The history of violations by a local roadside zoo named in the indictment of Tiger King’s Joe Exotic

Special Report Tonight at 10pm

Smithfield, IL (HOI) - It's been three months since Netflix released the Tiger King series, breaking the record for the most watched show on the streaming service.

It turns out, a zoo in Fulton County was named in the criminal indictment for the star of that series, Joe Exotic.


Exotic was sentenced to 22 year in prison. 17 of his charges were for animal welfare violations, and four of those were linked to Brown's Oakridge Zoo in Smithfield.

Animal advocates say the series missed the mark on cruelty that's often seen at these facilities.

"These facilities are either unwilling or unable to adequately care for these animals so we see them not providing water," said Debbie Metzler with PETA.

"These roadsides zoos keep them in such horrible conditions, they're often kept in these small cages, on concrete," said Debbie Leahy with the U.S. Humane Society.


Beyond Joe's indictment, Brown's Oakridge Zoo has their own resume of violations and citations.

Learn more Thursday night at 10pm on Heart of Illinois with Jenise Rebholz.

Jenise Rebholz

Evening Anchor, Heart of Illinois ABC

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