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It’s Steaming!

Rest of Today: One word: HOT. Heat indices between mid-90s to 100-degrees for today. Now that is steamy!

Tonight: A chance for some periodic showers and thunderstorms. You might hear some rumbles overnight, but nothing to be concerned about. Overall, a warm night with lows sitting in the lower 70s with mostly cloudy skies.

Tomorrow: Temperatures could be lower than forecasted high. Some model conflict on timing of wet weather arrival. One model is showing the chance of showers from overnight lingering into tomorrow morning, with periodic showers throughout the day which will prevent some day-time heating, resulting in a lower high temperature. However, other models indicate showers staying to our west for majority of the day, with wet weather arriving early evening. In this scenario, the surface will have the opportunity to heat up more during the day. In addition, we are on the warm side of a stationary front over central Illinois, which is pushing warm moist air from the south-east to our area. If rain lingers throughout the day, expect temperatures to sit in the mid-80s. But, if rain chances stay away for most of the day, temperatures will be in the upper-80s. Though, bare in mind, heat indices will be sitting in the lower-90s, making the outdoors feel hotter than what the high temperature is.

7-Day: Steamy weather continues. Expect wet weather to be periodic for most of the week. The good news though--the holiday weekend looks to be staying dry starting Friday through Sunday. Temperatures look to be staying consistent.

Audrey Leigh

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