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Reminder: children and pets left in hot cars is fatal.


PEORIA (WHOI)- This past weekend, the Peoria Fire Department received four calls for children and animals who were left unattended in vehicles.

When temperatures rise above 90 degrees, your car can reach at least 105 degrees within just ten minutes. This becomes life threatening situation if animals or children are left in an unattended vehicle.

The Peoria Fire Department said the first thing you should do is tell store management, but if the temperature that day was really hot you should call 911 immediately.

"To kid's we'll go lights and sirens to the calls, and we have tools that will allow us to unlock the vehicle hopefully without breaking the window to get in. If we needed to get in quickly, if the child was in distress, we would break it and get in right away," said Division Chief of Fire Prevention, Stan Taylor.

If you break the window of a car before law enforcement arrives, you could be charged with a misdemeanor as it hard to determine if the animal and/or child was in distress- especially with animals.

"Panting, or sometimes when the animal is sleeping the perception is that they are sleeping but they could be passed out, so it is difficult to tell sometimes especially if they are tinted windows or if the sun is shining in," said Becky Spencer, Director of Peoria County Animal Protective Services.

Even on cooler days than today, temperatures in cars rise rapidly. Spencer said the biggest piece of advice is to leave pets at home during this time of the year.

"Even if it's 80 degrees and not the not 90 degree weather we have been having, temperatures in cars can rise really quickly to the point of fatality in just sometimes by ten minutes," added Spencer.

If you call, you can remain anonymous as the main priority is ensuring the animals and children are attended to.


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