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TROUBLESHOOTERS: IKEA order canceled without notice

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(HOI) -- Ever since she was a little girl, Holly Noward has had a passion for makeup.

She puts her blush, concealer, and other makeup on in front of a mirror in the corner of her bedroom.

However, she wants an entire room where she can get ready.

"I just kind of have fun doing my makeup and stuff and I feel like if you don't have somewhere to sit down and do your makeup it's harder," said Noward.

She said she looked around online and decided to go with a makeup stand from IKEA, along with shelves and other accessories.

She placed an order on May 13 for about $750.

A confirmation email gave an estimated delivery date of June 13.

On June 4 the company sent another email which stated the order was being prepared.

Nothing arrived around June 13.

Noward and her husband wanted to know what was going on.

"We couldn't get a hold of one person. We left messages to the CEO. We left messages to the corporate office and on the message it says 24 hours they would get back to us," said Jerry Meade, Holly's husband.

24 hours came and went multiple times and the couple didn't hear from IKEA.

"We actually took a trip all the way up to Chicago and knocked on the door and nothing...We spent multiple dollars just to get answers and still no answers and it just feels sad," said Meade.

Another email from the company June 29.

It stated, "Thank you for choosing IKEA. Your order has been successfully cancelled."

A PDF was attached with a summary of the order and the word cancelled across it.

"It's like the rug got ripped out from under you," said Noward.

June 30, another email from IKEA with a letter that stated in part, "You account has been credited. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days for your bank to post the credit to your account."

Ultimately the couple says they want to know why they couldn't get through to anyone and why they weren't told sooner there was an issue with the order.

They were finally able to reach someone on the phone, who they say told them this action was related to the pandemic.

Meade added, "I feel like corporate kind of went the chicken way cancelling our order instead of calling us up to say 'I'm sorry. Your order has been cancelled.' They didn't do that."

Noward did order another makeup stand from a different company.

The couple has received a refund but said they don't plan on buying from IKEA again due to what they feel was a lack of communication.

Heart of Illinois ABC reached out to IKEA to confirm what happened to the order and if it was related to the pandemic.

We have not heard back.

Jessica Cook

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