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Bloomington aims to end “pension spiking” as council signs off on police dispatchers’ deal

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BLOOMINGTON (HOI) - Bloomington Police dispatchers have a new two-year union contract enabling the city to hold the line on so-called "pension spiking."

The city council voted unanimously Monday night to approve the deal that includes 2.5% per raises in each year of the contract.

Cost to taxpayers for the pay increases is about $53,000, according to the staff's report to the council.

The contract makes it easier for workers to earn additional vacation time. They get three weeks of vacation after five years on the job, compared to the previous deal in which they had to work eight years. Employees no longer have to work 15 years to gain four weeks of vacation. Now, 11 years is required.

In return, the union agrees to the city's request to do away with "pension spiking," in which dispatchers leaving their jobs are no longer eligible for accelerated payments through the sick leave buy pack program.

Howard Packowitz

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