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Illinois Wesleyan University moves to eliminate three majors, other programs ordered to transform


BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) -- A year-long academic review Illinois Wesleyan University has culminated in the elimination of three majors, and what the private liberal arts institution described as a "transformation" of some other programs.

IWU's Board of Trustees on Thursday announced it is discontinuing majors in Anthropology, Religion, and French, and a minor in Italian.

Program closures may affect up to nine faculty positions at IWU, but "every effort will be made to place a faculty member in another suitable position at the university," said IWU President Georgia Nugent and Board Chair Timothy Szerlong in a message sent to the university community.  

The changes won't happen in this coming academic year, so students majoring or minoring in these programs will be able to complete their degrees.

Trustees rejected recommendations from the Program Evaluation Task Force (PETF) to close down the Education Studies Department, the School of Art, and the School of Music, "because in the long-range judgments of the Board, the educational mission of the university as a whole would not be enhanced by the discontinuance of these programs," Nugent and Szerlong said.

The Board identified the School of Music and Philosophy and Sociology departments as programs identified for "transformation,"

"The objective of the review has been to enhance and foster the university’s educational mission, through sustainable programs that meet the learning needs and interests of today’s and tomorrow’s students. This will entail some reallocation of resources, both to strengthen existing programs and to enable new offerings," the university leaders said.  

The full decisions reached by the Board at its May and July meetings include (shown in the center column):

IWU Academic Program Review 
Academic UnitBoard DecisionPETF Recommendation
A&F: AccountingInvestment; TransformationInvestment; Transformation
A&F: FinanceSustainSustain
American Culture StudiesClosure
(Delete Major and Minor)
Delete Major and Minor
(Delete Major and Minor)
Delete Major; Sustain Minor
Business AdministrationSustainSustain
BA: International BusinessClosure
(Delete Major)
Delete Major
BA: MarketingSustainSustain
Computer ScienceTransformationTransformation
Design Technology & EntrepreneurshipClosure
(Delete Major and Minor)
Delete Major and Minor
EconomicsInvestment; TransformationInvestment; Transformation
Educational StudiesTransformationClosure
Environmental StudiesTransformationTransformation
Greek & Roman StudiesClosure
(Delete Major and Minor)
Health Promotion & Fitness ManagementSustain; InvestmentSustain; Investment
International StudiesTransformationTransformation
Political ScienceTransformationTransformation
Religious StudiesClosure
(Delete Major and Minor)
School of ArtTransformationClosure; Sustain Minors
School of MusicTransformationClosure; Delete all Major
School of NursingSustainSustain
School of Theatre ArtsSustain; InvestmentSustain; Investment
World Languages, Literatures & CulturesClosure (French & Italian)
(Delete French Major & Minor and Italian Minor);
Transformation (Spanish)
Delete Major (French);
Sustain Minor (French); Transformation (Spanish)
Women's & Gender StudiesTransformationTransformation

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