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Cloud air funnels spotted today

Peoria, Ill. (HOI ABC) - Most of us were dry today but we did manage to see a few showers north of I-74 this afternoon and evening. Atmospheric conditions today were favorable for the formation of cold air funnels within a few of these showers.

As of posting this (6:20 PM), there have been six reports of cold air funnels today. Five have been in LaSalle County, and the other one was in Marshall County.

These form when weak circulations develop in a growing shower or storm. A funnel cloud develops at the base of the cloud, but typically these dissipate quickly once it starts raining.

Typically these only make it part of the way down to the ground, but in rare instances cold air funnels can make it to the ground as a weak tornado.

Here are a few viewer photos of these funnel clouds today. If you saw one and took a picture, post it to our Facebook page!

Funnel cloud in Streator, from Beth Winn-Lawless.
Photos of a funnel cloud in Streator, from Mary Sterling.
Funnel cloud northeast of Wenona, from Ella Kupec.

Brian Walder

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