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New cleaning methods introduced at Quest Charter Schools ahead of school, plan still undecided

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PEORIA, IL (HOI) As schools debate whether students will be learning in-person or remotely, Quest Charter Academy is turning their focus to sanitation.

At Quest Charter Academy going back to in-person learning during a pandemic means hiring more teachers and coming up with new sanitation techniques to keep the building clean all day long.

While no formal back to school plans have been announced both of the Quest buildings are in the middle of a sanitation makeover.

"You can clean and then you can deep clean," said Executive Director for the schools, Dr. Taunya Jenkins.

Question has been working with Kaeb Sanitary to keep germs out while learning is in.

"Schools can be a hot spot for communicable diseases. We need to step up our efforts as a community and focus more on cleaning for hygiene than appearance. This school took it seriously," said Dan Meister with Kaeb Sanitary.

The changes start on the floor.

They've been stripped and re-waxed using a microban material that keeps bacteria from growing on the surface.

Hand-sanitizing stations have been placed in each classroom and hallway.

Rooms are disinfected with an electric static spray gun multiple times a day.

"When students come back we are prepared for them. For me we have a lot of conversations in the air, like all my colleagues do, about what school is going to look like for students. But before we can talk about the students we have to make sure the community in the buildings, staff, students are all going to be safe," said Jenkins.

Seats are being spaced six feet apart.

More teachers have been hired to make sure classroom sizes stay around 20 students.

Alex Menke

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