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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Refund not granted to Pekin couple after buying tickets off Vivid Seats

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(HOI) -- Karen Duley has seen Def Leppard in concert multiple times, but her husband has never seen his favorite band live.

"It was the best band of the '80s in my opinion," said Richard Duley.

When the Pekin couple learned the group was putting on a show this summer in St. Louis, Karen went online to buy tickets.

"They were two rows up the third base line at Busch Stadium and it was really good. Close to center field, which is where the stage was set up," added Richard Duley.

The couple purchased the tickets through Vivid Seats in January.

The coronavirus pandemic started soon after, which left the event up in the air.

Karen Duley said, "I was hoping first off that the concert was going to happen by the end of June. I thought surely this stuff will be over by then, but as time progressed of course COVID was still there."

She said she reached out to Vivid Seats to say they wanted a refund if the show was canceled.

"They replied that no refunds were going to be given until first of all if it was officially canceled or nothing was going to be refunded until a new date was set," added Karen Duley.

The concert was moved to July 6, 2021.

"So, then I responded back to them about getting the refund and that's when you found out well we're not doing refunds and that's pretty much it," said Karen Duley.

Four tickets cost the couple more than $900.

Jessica Cook asked them why they feel they deserve a refund.

Karen said, "I feel we deserve a refund because the concert was canceled. That's where Vivid Seats is saying well it wasn't canceled, it was postponed. In reality it was canceled. It was canceled due to COVID-19. Nobody knew about this COVID-19 coming. Had this concert played we would have been there."

"They went back on their word. It clearly stated on their site you would get a refund if you couldn't attend next years," said Richard Duley.

The couple said they're angry about the situation and called it poor business practice.

"I hope there's an awareness about going with companies like Vivid Seats that buyer beware. Make sure you read all of the fine print," said Karen.

A spokesperson from Vivid Seats sent a statement which reads, "At Vivid Seats we have refunded thousands of orders totaling tens of millions of dollars since the global pandemic shut down all live events in America. We have also provided an additional $5 million in extra store credit to customers during this difficult time. As one of the few marketplaces still offering a full cash refund, Vivid Seats is communicating with each consumer once an event is canceled. Refunds are being paid to customers who have requested a full refund for a canceled event."

"Lesson learned. An expensive lesson learned and we're going to do everything we can to make it to the new date...Nobody knows what the future holds," said Karen.

The couple filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and said they have thought about hiring an attorney.

Jessica Cook

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