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Dog rescued after flames from vehicle arson spread to homes

(PEORIA) HOI - Peoria Fire Department is investigating a vehicle arson that caused two adjacent houses to catch fire.

Crews were called to the 1400 block of Bestor at 6:30 Thursday morning. When they got to the scene, the found a pickup truck in flames.

The truck was parked in a driveway between two houses and that fire ultimately spread; melting the siding on one of the neighboring homes.

One of the home's occupants, the truck's owner, told crews a loud “bang” woke her up and the next thing she knew, firefighters were outside her window. She said she immediately alerted the other people in the house so everyone could get to safety.

Firefighters were able to get inside and stop the fire from spreading further to both homes and rescue a dog in the process.

PFD said residents from both houses were outside and in the clear before they arrived.

Crews got the blaze under control within fifteen minutes, and Peoria Fire Investigator Josh Harris determined the pick up truck was set on fire intentionally.

Damage is estimated at $15,000. This remains under investigation.

Lauren Melendez

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