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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Where is your stimulus check?

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stimulus check

(HOI) -- Abby Latimer is an essential worker.

She said she was excited when she heard about the first stimulus package, but didn't know if she would qualify.

"I looked up the qualifications and then I looked at my tax statement," said Latimer.

It turned out she was eligible for the $1,200 plus $500 because she has a son.

As time went on nothing showed up in her bank account.

She went to the IRS website on April 16.

"...and I entered my information in that I was eligible and that they would update it when they would get a date and that it was going to go into that account."

She said the site never showed her a date so she called the Internal Revenue Service in June.

She finally got through to someone only to be told she'd have to wait three weeks for her money.

Fast forward to July and still no money, so she called again.

"She could see that it was there and it was to be direct deposited, but she said she couldn't see why it hasn't been processed yet."

The next time Latimer checked the IRS website, it showed the money would go to an account she had closed.

"She said it's a glitch in the computer and that it just hasn't updated. Before she tried to tell me that I changed it, but there's no way to change it on there now. She said to just be patient and that it's a glitch and it will be processed."

She said overall it was delay after delay from the IRS.

Latimer added, "Seems like everyone else had gotten theirs. In April, maybe some in June and only a few hadn't gotten theirs and I didn't understand why because I met, I met it all."

Latimer is a government worker and every time there's a shutdown she doesn't get a paycheck.

The 2018-2019 shutdown lasted more than a month.

"We drained our savings and I'm still trying to build that back up."

Since Jessica Cook interviewed Latimer she has received her stimulus money, but others haven't been so lucky.

Recent Facebook posts by Jessica Cook have generated dozens of comments from people who still don't have their money.

Randy said, "What stimulus check!!! Big no."

Rebecca said, "I got one just never got the $500 for my son who is under the age of 18."

Dennis added, "I've never received my first stimulus check. I event went to the IRS site and it told me that I was eligible and had my verify my mailing address."

Jessica Cook reached out to the IRS.

A spokesperson declined an interview and said they do not talk about specific cases.

He added everything you need to know is on the IRS website.

Jessica Cook

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