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Peoria City Council not ready to vote on short term rentals

PEORIA (HOI) -- Peoria's city council isn't ready to check-in to short term rentals.

In Tuesday's city council meeting, the members voted to defer voting on a pair of options that would bring rental models like Airbnb to the River City.

Each option calls for a $25 registration fee in 2020 that hikes to $75 in 2021. Owners would also need to fill out a self-inspection form.

The difference is which body would approve a short term rental license. One calls for the planning and zoning commission to approve it administratively. The city council would approve an application with a special use permit in the other proposal.

The sticking point in debate was how the city would approve requests for a license. The city wants to avoid approving a short term rental in a neighborhood where a homeowner association forbids it. The plans both called for an HOA, or similar neighborhood group, to respond to a request from the city within 10 days.

But some on the council asked about creating a database with that answer readily available. They'll discuss it again August 25.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, Mayor Jim Ardis' pandemic emergency declaration was renewed 10-1. The council also voted to defer discussions about the budget and voluntary separations for firefighters until August 25.

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