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Tax rate seen flat in McLean County government’s proposed budget


BLOOMINGTON (HOI) - McLean County government's proposed budget for the next fiscal year would hold the line for its share of property taxes, the county administrator said Tuesday.

Administrator Camille Rodriguez presented to the county board a $102 million spending plan that keeps the tax rate stable at just over 91 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

The county plans to collect $36.9 million in property taxes next year, up 1.5% from the current year due to an increase in taxable land values.

The owner of a $165,000 home would pay $502.57 in taxes to fund county government next year, Rodriguez said.

"We went back to staff multiple times to ask for more from them, which means less for them, but they were still able to make this work and keep services going as usual," Rodriguez told the board.

The county's health department budget, in the spotlight due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is proposed to be at $8.5 million, up $51,307 from the current fiscal year.

Rodriguez also proposes giving county government workers a 1% pay raise in January and another 1% pay increase in July.

County board committees will review the budget next month. The full board is expected to adopt the budget in November.

Howard Packowitz

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