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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Access inconvenience for local pharmacy

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Pekin resident Jerry Simmons says he manages to get around as best as he can, despite being disabled.

"….the pain in my leg gets worse as I walk. And, doctor, he doesn't want me on this leg as often as I am."

With the use of a cane, Simmons is able to pick up his regular medication at the pharmacy inside Walmart, or at least he was.

"….when you go into Walmart, they have one of the doors closed off by the pharmacy, you have to walk in by the food."

Due to Covid-19, many Walmart facilities are limiting the amount of customers in and out.

Changes to the shopping process due to social distancing means entrance doors to pharmacies like the one in Pekin remain unavailable.

A big inconvenience for customers like Mr. Simmons.

"I used to walk in the other door and be 30 feet 40 feet away from medication, the pharmacy now I've got the whole store got to be at least 500 600 feet going through that store easy."

He feels there has to be another way in order for people like him to get to where they need to go.

"…if you put somebody there, and when I walk up with a cane that there should be an easier way in that store for the disabled. They still want me to walk all the way around and it's just outrageous. I don't know why they did it that way?"

Adding he's simply running out of options.

"I'm one step away from changing my prescriptions from Walmart. And I've been with them 15 years. I just need a better solution so that you don't have to walk so far."

Troubleshooters reached out to Walmart's corporate media relations department to find out if there are any alternative solutions.

We will continue to update this story here on our website.

Donnie Tillman

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