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Arrest made after $20K worth of construction equipment taken from Raber Packing Co. construction site

WEST PEORIA (HOI) -- A Peoria man has been arrested for theft after deputies with the Peoria County Sheriff's Office say they located $20,000 worth of construction equipment in his car from the Raber Packing Co. construction site.

Ephrian Fallon, 41, was arrested Saturday for business burglary, theft over $500 and obstructing justice, according to a report filed in the PCSO.

A 2018 blaze at Raber destroyed the facility and construction has been ongoing at the business' new location on Farmington Road.

A deputy was called to Raber's just before 7:30 p.m. Saturday for a report of a burglary noticed by a witness who works at the construction site. The witness, according to the report, said he saw a man outside the construction site putting something into the trunk of his car.

The deputy then spoke with a foreman of the construction company, who said three trowels and a soff saw were moved from the site.

The foreman valued the saw at $20,000 and the three trowels at about $6,500, the report read.

Another deputy then located Fallon and his vehicle at the intersection of Sheridan and Nebraska, where he was attempting to hide the power saw behind a building.

There, the foreman was able to identify the saw that was taken from the site.

According to the PCSO, the remaining pieces of equipment were later recovered.

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