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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Clock is ticking to eviction

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Harrison VO 14

Queen Hatcher says her troutine trip to the mailbox resulted in pure shock, receiving a message from her landlord.

"I got the letter Monday in the mail, ten day a notice, saying eviction. I called her asked her about the letter in the mail. And she said, Yeah, the 10 day eviction is for some lease violation." says Hatcher.

A resident at Harrison Homes for three years, Hatcher says the rent is always paid on time.

Turns out, she thinks an outstanding fee may be part of the problem.

The result of broken windows courtesy of her children about a month ago.

"I didn't know it was not to my knowledge that it was a lease violation because me and her talked about the windows that my kids had busted. They said I could pay it, which was $188.00".

Hatcher adding management gave her a deadline to pay for the repairs.

"When you say that person could pay it, and there should have been no problem, I feel like they, they just lied."

With this eviction letter, she now has until October 2nd to vacate the premises.

"I would like to see that my kids don't get pulled out our homes over stupidity over a little kid busting a window."

Saying she's dealing with the situation as best as she can, hoping for the best possible outcome.

The Peoria Housing Authority and Harrison Homes management, say the governor's executive order still allows them to evict tenants if they pose a safety risk, a risk to property or a violation of building or health code.

They did not say if this scenario fits any of those.

Donnie Tillman

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