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One Class At A Time: Bethany Scroggs

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Progress is no problem for this Heart of Illinois grade school teacher.

Bethany Scroggs is tasked with teaching kindergarten through 3rd grade life skills at Dee-Mack Primary.

"For children with special needs, the world around them can be a very scary place, and she offers them that safety and security but also teaches them how to adapt to the world around them." says fellow teacher Jennifer Swope.

Parents describe Scroggs as loving and gentle, her co-workers call her creative and fun.

As a fellow employee and mother, Jennifer Swope sees it all daily.

"I have twins and they're both in her class and I can't imagine, not just a better teacher but a better person to be with them everyday." adds Swope.

Just a couple of reasons why we received multiple recommendations for Bethany Scroggs.

"The kids in our class have varying needs so I teach a K-3 life skills class, some of them communication needs, behavioral needs or academic needs. We work really hard to provide an inclusive environment where they can thrive."

Scroggs adds she already has plans to put that $1,000 to use.

"One thing I've always wanted to do is create a motor lab for our students. Which will incorporate supporting a lot of the sensory needs, all of my students receive various therapies so it will also incorporate the occupational therapy and physical therapy."

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