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Fort Jesse Imaging & Gale Keeran Center for women gets new, more comfortable mammogram machine

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NORMAL (HOI) - There's a new mammogram machine that's more accurate and easier to use.

It's called a Senographe Prestina and it's designed to give women more comfortable mammograms.

"As that woman, I know that there is apprehension and fear, but we're trying to take some of that fear out," Rhonda Barber with GE Healthcare said.

This new and improved machine has many adjustments. Instead of tensed muscles while holding handgrips, now women relax on armrests.

"The corners are rounded so they're not digging into you as much. It's not as cold, which is another huge thing," mammographer Bree Adcock said.

With the new Prestina, patients will be able to add additional compression which will provide better image quality.

"The tech will position and then do the minimum compression. Then our patients are able to have the rest of the control over their exam. They tell us what they can tolerate," Adcock said.

Adcock added they're finding patients are able to compress themselves more than they would usually allow a mammographer to do.

"In return, it's less radiation for the patient and better images as well," Adcock added.

The Prestina improves the overall image quality, leading to quicker and more precise exams.

"Its ability to acquire three dimensional images in addition to the two dimensional images, is a strength it has," radiologist Jason Davis said.

"Hopefully, we can find breast cancers earlier and we can problem solve efficiently."

Health officials say women should start getting mammograms at 40 years old, or sooner if you have family history of breast cancer.

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