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NOAA releases its winter forecast

PEORIA, Ill. (HOI ABC) - Like it or not, it's almost that time of the year.

NOAA released its outlook for the upcoming winter season today.

A La Niña, which is a cooling of the equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean, is expected to develop. NOAA is relying on previous La Niña winters to help determine what this upcoming winter could be like.

The warmest weather relative to average will likely be in the southern United States. The eastern seaboard could also see above average temperatures.

The coldest weather will likely be in the northwestern United States.

Above average precipitation is most likely from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes. Drier conditions are expected across the southern United States.

So what does this mean for the Heart of Illinois?

Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln, IL says that despite most of Illinois being in an area for above average precipitation, previous La Nina years don't suggest this is a dominant trend. It could certainly happen, but it's not a guarantee.

Miller did not seem very bullish about above average snowfall this winter. Peoria's average snowfall is 24.6".

He also says that our temperature outlook falls in the "equal chances" category, meaning that we have an equal probability of above or below average temperatures. Miller says that we could see variable temperatures throughout the winter, going from periods of warm weather to cold weather and back.

Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder will release his winter forecast sometime in mid-November, so keep an eye out for that!

Brian Walder

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