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Letter to Peoria Council calls for temporary closure of Dream Night Club, Owner responds

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PEORIA (HOI) - A local pastor wants the City of Peoria to temporarily shut down Dream Night Club.

Pastor Harvey Burnett said part of his reasoning is the deadly September crash that took the lives of four young women just a half mile away.

In the letter the pastor asked for a moratorium of activity, or a temporary closure, of the club. His reason, for the city to take a hard look, but the owner feels like she's become a scape goat.

"If we continue business as usual then things are going to happen as usual." said Burnett

He sent a letter to the Mayor and the city council bringing up concerns with the club. He specifically said a number of people have placed the four young women involved in the fatal crash around the club that evening.

"Let's at least stop and take a look. Lets examine procedures. Lets examine our policies. Lets make sure that these policies align with a safe Peoria." said Burnett

The crash happened on Washington and Darst. Peoria Police said two cars were street racing prior to the crash and they have made an arrest.

"That was heartbreaking …beautiful young ladies … but unfortunately they were not inside of our bar and we cannot control what happens on the outside. Even if we want to, you know we call the police if it looks like things are getting kind of crazy out there." said Dream Night Club owner Mailika Bracey

Bracey said she feels like dream gets blasted for anything bad that happens after midnight.

"They're blaming the problem on me, instead of finding out a solution, they're trying to make me the problem. I'm not the problem. Dream is not the problem. So until they find out what the problem is, we're gonna keep going back and forth." said Bracey

"My motivation is not to punish the owners, I don't know them. But it is to make this community safer and it begins with not only our home base but begins with institutions doing the right thing." said Burnett

Niceey Williams, mother to 18-year-old Diamond who died in the crash, said she's not 100% sure what happened that night, but she knows how she feels right now.

"It's messed up .. it's so un believable to me because my baby is supposed to be here." said Williams "When you look at it one night of fun can leave a whole lot of pain and that's what I'm dealing with right now."

In terms of the letter, city code dictates they cannot close a place down, even temporarily unless there is a significant public safety risk.

Williams, heart aching, prays for peace and change.

"Something needs to be done. "

Kaitlin Pearson

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