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Early snow has a mixed impact on harvest season


MARION COUNTY, Mo. (WGEM) -- While the worst of the snow Monday might've had you bringing your plants in, local farmers said weather like this have an an impact on the harvest.

Farmers said that's why they weren't in the fields today, as the snow brought some moisture that he says has a mixed impact on crops.

The snow lightly falling on the crops means farmers like Marion County Farm Bureau President Joe Kendrick are out of the fields.

"It'll have an immediate impact because it's stopped," said Kendrick it'll be a few days."

Instead of harvesting, he's helping family with repairs to the roof on an equipment barn, as he waits to get back to what he called a decent crop.

"For the most part most everyone has had a very good fall, conditions have been dry," said Kendrick.

He said those conditions have meant a good yield.

"The seed itself, the grain that we're taking out, corn has dried down great, super, haven't seen it dry down like that for awhile, just kind of seemed like it came to a point then kind of fell off," said Kendrick.

He said the snow could even work out in some farmers' favor.

"Soybeans are extremely dry so a little moisture will help the farmer side of that going back here," said Kendrick.

He said he's optimistic for the rest of the season.

"So it'll be a day or two getting dried out, but right now my anticipation is looking at the weather forecast maybe by Wednesday afternoon, maybe Thursday, we'll be looking at getting back in the fields again," said Kendrick.

He said luckily with ground temperatures being as warm as they are, a lot of the snow that fell in the fields here today is already long gone.

But long term, he said delays could put them closer to consistent freezing weather, which would have a negative impact on crops.

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