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Severe storms bring high winds and damage

High shear, low instability events like what we had today can either be boom or bust. Today was a boom.

We saw widespread strong and severe storms move through the area. These were quick movers, with storms moving as fast as 55 mph at times.

In additional to numerous Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, there were three Tornado Warnings issued.

One was in Peoria County, one was in Putnam County, and the last was in Marshall County. The warnings are indicted by the red boxes below.

As of writing this, no tornadoes have been confirmed. However, we have received multiple reports of damage and highs winds across the area.

Those include:

  • The roof of an apartment building was blown off in Elmwood.
  • The roof of a house was blown off in Kickapoo.
  • Numerous tree limbs and branches down in Bartonville.
  • A large tree down in Peoria.
  • Significant damage to a sheet metal structure in Mossville.
  • 70 mph wind gust in Washburn.
  • 63 mph wind gust in East Peoria.
  • 60 mph wind gust in Roanoke.
  • 60 mph wind gust in Pekin.
  • 59 mph wind gust at the Peoria International Airport.

Here are a couple of photos of today's storm damage.

High winds cause tree damage in Bartonville. Photo: Shane Cleer.
Viewer photo of roof damage at Uptown Cafe in Elmwood.

Brian Walder

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