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Man claims health of women at Pekin Prison is being neglected

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PEKIN (HOI) -- George Clegg claims his significant other at the minimum security side of the Federal Correctional Institute of Pekin has had countless issues since the beginning of the pandemic.

"You call the jail to see if anything's going on cause you hear about all the COVID going on there, so you call and they don't answer you," said Clegg.

Clegg said his significant other has been at the facility for 3 months and she and other inmates at the camps aren't being treated right.

His significant other takes medication morning and night, but due to COVID-19, Clegg said the women are only given doses once a day in the afternoon.

"Whether you would get it in the morning and night or not you can only get one dose instead of two because you can't take a dose and put it away for later," said Clegg.

The Bureau of Prison's (BOP) said medications are dispensed to all inmates twice per day, morning and evening.

When we asked if Tylenol or cough syrup were available upon request to the inmates, the BOP said they could get those items at commissary.

Clegg said the women don't have access to the store.

"The commissary was not made available to the ladies to purchase the items, like they could have purchased their own Tylenol but they weren't allowed to commissary," said Clegg.

The BOP added they provide appropriate medical care and treatment. And if symptoms are severe enough, an inmate will be brought to the hospital.

Although, Clegg disputes that claim.

"77 out of 82 ladies have tested positive for COVID in the Nebraska housing unit and not one inmate saw a doctor unless it was an emergency," said Clegg.

Once an inmate tests positive for COVID-19 and is in isolation, Clegg said they don't have access to a phone.

"That to me is a big complaint, if something happens with her I want to know," said Clegg.

The BOP said inmates not in medical isolation or quarantine have access to phones.

We were also told by the BOP that inmates have daily access to medical staff and care and are treated accordingly. But Clegg said the women can't be seen for any other medical issues.

"One of the girls needs a CPAP machine and was told to come back when COVID is over," said Clegg.

Overall, Clegg said he wants to see the prison take better care of its inmates.

Paige Blanzy

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