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ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ to feature local entrepreneurs on Friday pitching their ‘Toilet Timer’

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NORMAL (HOI) - A local couple is living out the opportunity of a lifetime this week. Adam and Katie Stephey are entrepreneurs from Normal. This Friday, they are pitching their top selling product from their company Katamco to the notorious 'Sharks' from ABC's 'Shark Tank.'

Well, they actually pitched the 'Toilet Timer' to the sharks over the summer. But their episode of the hit reality TV show airs Friday night at 7.

Adam Stephey told us he always wanted to pitch to the sharks but didn't think he had a 'Shark Tank' worthy idea just yet. But that turned out to not be the case.

"The first time I saw the show I got nervous. Because I thought, I could see myself on that show someday," explained Stephey.

In a short clip from the show provided by ABC, the Stephey's explain their product to the sharks. "The Toilet Timer is the perfect way to tell someone to poop or get off the pot," Katie Stephey explains. Then Adam jumps in adding, "It gives you about five minutes to do your business, so you don't miss anything important, like pitching on 'Shark Tank.'"

Adam Stephey tells us he was working a corporate insurance job several years ago when he asked himself if he could see himself there 40 years from now. That's when Stephey went all in on his inventions. It started with his passion for gaming and nostalgia.

"The old Nintendo cartridges, people just blow into those, it turns out 30 years of spit and grime isn't good for the electrical contacts," he explained. So he developed the "1 Up Card" to clean and restore retro video games.

But after the Toilet Timer launched in Spring of 2018, the sales surpassed the video game cleaners.

"A shark tank producer emailed me and said have you ever considered applying for the show," explained Stephey. His answer was an easy one.

"Well yes of course I've considered applying for it. But you guys want me to try to pitch the toilet timer? That's crazy, that's not a shark tank idea!" he exclaimed.

Now, him and is wife have pitched their company to the Sharks on 'Shark Tank' and he's looking at record sales this holiday season. "I fully anticipate selling out of inventory completely come Friday," Stephey explained.

He added, "It's going to generate more demand than I'm going to be able to meet."

To find out if the shark's bite, you can watch 'Shark Tank' Friday at 7:00 PM on Heart of Illinois ABC. Then tune into our News at 10 for instant reaction from the Stephey's after the episode.

Kyle Beachy

Kyle Beachy is a Multimedia Journalist for 25 News and Heart of Illinois. Born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, he attended Indiana Wesleyan University where he studied Education and played baseball. He comes to us from Columbus, Ohio where he received a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University.

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