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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Mold confirmed in unit owned by Housing Authority of the City of Pekin

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PEKIN (HOI) -- A Pekin woman's bathroom looked the same close to two months after the Troubleshooters last visit.

"They have not been in here to fix anything or do anything," said Aimee Noonan.

The "they" she referred to is Housing Authority of the City of Pekin.

She said she complained about several issues for months, including her bathroom and furnace.

Code Enforcement Officer Michael Lutz was there October 12th too.

Jessica Cook filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for Lutz's report.

It stated in part..."It appeared to be to be nothing more than discolored caulking...There was another spot near the floor...It appeared to me to be dirt, dust, and either peeling paint or peeling drywall paper."

The Housing Authority of the City of Pekin was issued an ordinance violation October 15th in relation to Noonan's unit.

It said: "No person shall maintain or keep any nuisance in a manner causing substantial diminution in the neighborhood."

It went on to say a sample needed to be taken and tested to determine if mold is present.

"I was kind of relieved. I didn't actually know if they were going to follow through with it," said Noonan.

A mold professional came November 19th.

She told the Troubleshooters she called multiple times for answers but didn't hear back.

When Jessica Cook asked Noonan if she still believed mold was in her bathroom her answer was "Oh yes, most definitely."

She received an email from the housing authority last week that stated..."There is one type of mold in particular that was slightly elevated inside your apartment."

"We've been living in this place since April, May, and I've been telling them the whole time that there's been mold here," added Noonan.

A Freedom of Information Act Request showed the inspection found several types of mold.

The highest was basidiospores at 2,100.

Work started in Noonan's unit Monday, December 7th.

Walls and windows were wiped with bleach water, the vent fans were checked, there is a new floor, and much more.

Even with the work being done, Noonan said she still wants this experience to be over.

"I have been reaching out to any "For Rent" signs that I've seen. I had some hope. There was a 3 bedroom for rent here in pekin for $650, but they had like 90 people contact that about that so we didn't get that."

Executive Director of the Housing Authority Dennis Green sent a statement to the Troubleshooters which read in part, 'There is an ongoing hearing with the city so I am not able to comment at this time."

As far as the furnace, Code Enforcement Officer Lutz agreed in his report that the "pipe did look bad with all the rust, but it was only surface rust and there was no danger of the pipe failing and allowing a gas leak."

The housing authority has had a hearing with the city and there is another Wednesday, December 9th.

We'll continue to follow this story as more information develops.

Jessica Cook

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