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Increase in gun sales continues into 2021

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MORTON (HOI) - When Americans are concerned about their safety, some buy firearms, and with the civil unrest in 2020, and some continuing into 2021, gun sales keep going up.

Compared to other years, KAM Shooting Sports in Morton has seen an uptick in gun sales. Owner Kevin Moody said the local spike is just part of a nationwide increase.

"There's been 7 to 10 million new gun owners this year," Moody said.

According to Small Arm Analytics, between January and September of 2020, nearly 17 million guns were sold in the US.

"It pretty much started over the summer with all the civil unrest," Moody said.

Ammo sales are also skyrocketing.

"We know a few places that on the days they get their shipment, they limit the boxes per person and they usually sell out within 15, 20 minutes," Moody said.

While some are suggesting the increase is due to riots at the Capitol, plus a threat of more come inauguration day, Moody doesn't think so. He believes it could just be because the change of power.

"I know the new administration coming in has talked of some new gun legislation," Moody said. "Any time there's a mention of gun legislation, everybody runs out to buy a gun because they think they're going to get it taken away."

But more than anything, Moody said he's seen an increase in training.

"Our concealed carry classes are full. We have everybody coming in wanting to get their concealed carry permit because right now the cards are taking six to eight month to get," Moody said.

For many gun shop owners, the increase in sales may not come as a surprise, as they're used to it anytime there is unrest in the country.

Gabi Guerrero

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