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medical mishap

Deb Crowe says enough is enough when it comes to an outstanding medical bill.

She says she thought it was a simple process.

"It's literally been a battle for two and a half years, and that is the one and only thing on my credit report that is derogatory."

She says her insurance "Meridian Health" should have taken care of the unresolved balance.

 "They said they paid Midwest anesthesia that $880 which is what's in collections.  Yet, the collection agency still has it in my name is still sitting there reporting it is delinquent every 30 days. "

In fact Crowe's account has already been turned over to a collection agency.

Account Resolution Corporation says the balance remains.

"I'm like, literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. You cannot do anything about it."

Crowe says she hopes the situation is fixed sooner than later.

"I mean, it never should have been there to begin with. But yet, there it is. And there seems like nothing that I have done in the last two years.... A two and a half years is even made a little imprint on it."

Donnie Tillman

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