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Central Illinoisians hope new president will unify the country

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PEORIA (HOI) -- Those who were out shopping at a Peoria outlet mall on Wednesday said they hope the next four years will bring positive change.

"I would like to see this country united, I want to see people come together and work together as a team again," said Robin Palmer from Bartonville.

Palmer said the President needs to help the country be optimistic again.

"I just remember when we as a people would have a brighter outlook with things to come, it's just so depressing," she added.

"I just want to see him make good decisions and think thoroughly with everything and I just hope that everything goes well and that we'll be praying for him, whatever happens," said Faith Linder from Tremont.

Linder said she is optimistic, certain that people can find ways to get things done.

"Yes, I am [hopeful]...everything may not turn out how we hope but I believe God has a plan for it all so I believe it will turn out good," she said.

"I'm really praying for calmer times because things really just got extremely out of hand," said Kerry Moncrease of Peoria.

Moncrease said the only way to get things done is by coming together.

"Our president and vice president being two different races, can show other countries that we can really work together and be one," he added.

Andy Weber

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