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Heart of Illinois police may have uncovered forgery scam

Photo from LeRoy Police.

LEROY (HOI) - Police in McLean County's third largest community of LeRoy have arrested a woman who authorities think may have been writing fake checks to steal from businesses in Bloomington-Normal to Champaign-Urbana.

LeRoy Police said they arrested Danielle Tarter, 36, of Mahomet for allegedly delivering a check at LeRoy IGA on another person's account, and signing that person's name. That account had been closed, according to police.

LeRoy Police said on the department's Facebook page that officers have reason to believe other businesses in the area have fallen victim to the same type of check fraud scheme.

Police are also remining businesses to check an official identification to make sure the check matches the person writing it.

Tarter was arrested Wednesday in Mahomet. She's being held in the McLean County Jail on forgery, burglary, and resisting arrest charges.

Howard Packowitz

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