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Arctic air is here to stay

PEORIA, IL (HOI ABC) - I'm sure many of you are tired of the cold weather and are ready for things to warm up.

The good news is we'll eventually get there. The bad news is that most of our 10 day forecast features these cold conditions continuing.

It's been a few days since our temperatures were last above 20°. We dipped below 20° on February 5th and fell below 32° the day before on the 4th. As of writing this, streaks below those temperatures are at 4 and 5 consecutive days respectively, but they will both be much longer by the time we finally warm up.

In our forecast, we have Peoria hitting 20° again on February 19th. If that verifies, that'll be a two week period with temperatures below 20°.

I am not expecting temperatures near 32° during the next 10 days, but long range data suggests we may get there again by the 21st. If that verifies, it'll be two and a half weeks below freezing.

Time will tell if these forecasts work out, but even if we warm up later than advertised the point still stands that it will be cold and stay cold before things finally warm up again.

Thankfully we shouldn't come anywhere close to Peoria's record for consecutive days under 32°. That was 35 days from 12/30/1976 to 2/1/1977.

Brian Walder

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