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Breaking down the prolonged bitter cold stretch by the numbers

As of 4 PM Tuesday, Peoria will have observed sub-freezing temperatures for 12 consecutive days, dating back to February 4th. The stretch of bitter cold will have spanned 288 hours, with many more hours ahead through the end of this week.

The prolonged blast of dangerous cold has been accompanied by a very active weather pattern. Peoria International Airport observed 11.5" of snow in the last 12 days, which is nearly half of the total seasonal snowfall to date.

Temperatures have dropped below zero several times during the extended stretch of sub-freezing air temperatures. Wind chills have fallen as far as the -25° to -30° range in portions of the Heart of Illinois.

Peoria's current stretch of extended days below 32° may seem like a long time to some, but isn't quite that impressive when viewed historically. The longest stretch of consecutive days at the sub-freezing mark in Peoria's record weather history was nearly three times as long as the current stretch. Temperatures remained below 32° for a whopping 35 days in a row, from December 30, 1976 to February 1, 1977.

Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing for the rest of the week, but are expected to then warm back above freezing by early next week. Check out the latest forecast here.

Joe Strus

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