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Heather Flynn says her family is no stranger to online shopping.

During the holidays she says her husband was tracking another package when he noticed something odd.

"He just happened to go be going through his e-mail and saw that there was a package bought for some air pods. He looked at me and said, 'Did you buy some air pods on Walmart? And I was like, no."

Turns out there was a purchase for both airpods and an iPhone.

Walmart would flag the phone purchase but the ear device was approved for $137.

"My daughter is 13, we thought she was trying to be sneaky, and buy some air pods under my husband's Walmart count."

The package arrived quickly, still something just didn't sit right with the parents.

"That night, my husband and I were talking. He looked at the timestamp of when the air pods were bought, I noticed that it couldn't have been my daughter because she and I were together at the same time wrapping presents. He knows that, he was there too."

They agreed to return the item back to Walmart, however they weren't expecting what happened the next day.

"A FedEx guy comes up behind me, very nice to my kids, was a very nice friendly guy. He says I'm here to pick up your package from Walmart."

Yet, something seemed out of place.

"He let me even see the return label, and it was a lady's name to Florida. In my head. I was like, why wouldn't it be like Walmart returns."

After the request for him to come back tomorrow, the driver would try once again.

"He goes I just want to make sure you understand that this package is for the Walmart return that you have, I felt he had enough details."

She finally agreed to hand over the package, her husband never agreed to return the airpods.

"He called Walmart and asked, 'Hey, did you guys arrange for a package to be picked up from us? We talked the other day about it, a fraud package?' They said no!

Reality settling in, someone hacked into their account, attempting to make multiple purchases.

One of which a pair of airpods eventually ending up a at an address in Florida.

Flynn hopes people can learn from her experience and avoid being ripped off by online crooks.

Donnie Tillman

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