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Check Scam

"We found that in 2020, online scams were at their highest that they've ever been, more people falling victim to online scams than ever before."

2021 is no different, in fact Jessica Tharp, President and CEO of the Central Illinois Better Business Bureau says scammers are turning their attention to a new target group.

"Now we're getting into tax season, so there's going to be even more opportunities out there for scam artists to take advantage of people who are just unsure about how COVID has impacted their lives."

Tharp says these crooks are using older monetary methods in order to take advantage of the 18-24 group.

"They're using payment methods that younger generations aren't familiar with like checks. The big tech scam, as you probably have heard about has made a comeback with younger people because they're just not familiar with what to look for in a check anymore."

She adds if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

"A lot of fake check scams are you know what? I'm going to send you this money and here's instructions and I need you to send part of it back but you can keep most of it."

The B.B.B. says there are resources available to protect yourself from being a victim.

"90% of people that came to our scam tracker tool wanted to share information about scams. So a lot of people come just to check is this a scam? How can I be sure they're checking with the Better Business Bureau and they're helping protect themselves that way."

Whether it's a phone call, e-mail or text, Tharp says report the information to the Better Business Bureau.

That in turn will allow them to keep their information up to date on what's legit and what's fake.

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